What sets them apart? Celebrating the peculiarity of Tata Tele Business Services.

The inception of Tata Tele Business Services was about two decades ago as an organization and Ms. Shahana Sen Mishra, the marketing head shared her perspective on their journey. She enthusiastically told us, Tata Tele Business Services has been a pioneering brand in business connectivity solutions. The brand has undergone several changes, keeping-up with the times. The last transition from Tata Docomo Business Services to now Tata Tele Business Services, the brand and the business has only grown multifold.

They are a market leader in providing connectivity, communication and managed solutions for the small, medium and large enterprises. The brand ethos is to be a trusted partner to businesses and help them improve productivity, reach customers effectively, manage workforce efficiently, using the best that technology has to offer. They have been partners with most of their customers through journey of growth. From the time they took their first connectivity solution to their expansion phase, the company has offered solutions for each stage of their journey. The brand philosophy is to keep the customer ‘first’ and work with them as one. They truly reckon the brand and its customers can “Do Big”.

They take pride in their distinct achievements as they claim that their relentless customer focus has won them the CII Award for Customer Obsession, twice in a row 2018-19.

As thought leaders, they have consistently won accolades. Their flagship event- Do Big Symposium, that brings industry thought leaders on a single platform, has won National Award for Marketing Excellence (2017) at CMO Asia Awards. Do Big Stories, a digital initiative that explores innovations and growth that businesses across industries have been able to leverage using technology, was recognized for Content Marketing at Global Marketing Excellenceas well as at the Indian Content Leadership Awards. They were also adjudged the Best Branded Content Site for B2B at Light House Insights Digital Marketing.

Their products and services have been winning multiple awards. From being recognized at the Voice & Data Telecom Leadership Forum, to being featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, to winning the Business Innovation Award at Global Telecom Awards, they have also picked up the World Quality Congress Award for innovation in LOLA (low latency) services.

With changing times the organization also put their effort to keep up their pace with the innovations and changing trends. They believe, it all begins and ends with the customer. Their deep understanding of customer needs helps them cutting edge of developing and delivering market-leading solutions. Their mantra for innovation is – “Make business easier for customers.” This helps them build pioneering solutions that improve customer experience across all touch points. Be it the exploration process, to consulting, to the actual use of the service, to catering to the changing requirements, to being invested in the customer’s growth journey.

Most SMEs, unlike the larger and better established businesses, may not have the resources to access expert advice or consultancy, when it comes to deciding solutions best fitting ever changing requirements. This was the genesis of their award winning ‘Meet4Solutions’ digital platform she explains with a smile. This platform will allows any SME across the country to simply come online & book an hour of consultation with their solution architects, absolutely free. This first-of-its-kind platform has helped many businesses get access to some of the best solutions planners in the country.

Another example of innovation, keeping customer as a focus point, is their very successful product/ service- SmartOffice. Their vision was to make it easier for SMEs to focus on their business without having to worry about infrastructure setup and costs. This urged them to develop the SmartOffice, again one-of-its-kind solution that delivers voice, data, storage and a whole range of enterprise-grade apps, all in one box. This solution takes care of everything with no upfront costs or AMC charges. This award-winning innovation is already empowering SMEs across the nation today.

With such amazing innovation and achievements we asked them to share their golden rules to success. They proudly answered, “Customer First!”

They further explained that they closely understand the needs of Indian businesses and partner in their journey. They have grown together with their customers and thousands have been testament to their customer-first approach.

They understand the unique needs of customers; deliver pioneering products and services of outstanding quality & value, consistently servicing their customers with great experiences. She believes their customers drive the vision and success of the brand.

The differentiating factor is their customer loyalty past two decades. Customers have been the driving force in co-creating products and building services to meet their requirements.