King Charles will not attend COP27-Palace.

King Charles III will not travel to next month’s United Nations climate summit in Egypt, Buckingham Palace has confirmed. UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss has reportedly objected to the “keen” environmentalist attending the event. Britain’s new monarch who ascended the throne after the passing away of his mother, Queen Elizabeth had sought to address world leaders at the COP-27 summit on November 6-18. But now there might be a change in his plans as the new UK PM Liz Truss is opposed to him addressing the Climate summit. Queen Elizabeth had addressed the last UN climate summit in November 2021, with the blessing of the Government led by Truss’s predecessor Boris Johnson. 

However, there has been no word from the office of Charles III and it seems they have appeared to distance themselves from an incendiary newspaper report that King Charles had sought advice from the PM, Truss. Britain’s new leader, Truss who is already under fire over her economic plans which have sparked market turmoil could controversially scale back the country’s legally binding climate commitments.

Her newly inducted cabinet includes a number of Ministers who have expressed scepticism about the so-called 2050 goals, while Truss is definitely less happy than her previous, Boris Johnson. She in all probability is most unlikely to attend the COP-27 summit-the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change-in the Egyptian resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh. Britain hosted the 26th summit at Glasgow which was attended by both the Queen Elizabeth and her son, William.

They had addressed the event also along with meeting top dignitaries at the summit. Meanwhile, Conservative party Chairman Jake Berry told the broadcaster the Government was “committed to the net zero target by 2050”. However, Tory MP Tobias Ellwood urged a rethink over the Monarch’s non-participation in Egypt, tweeting he hoped “common sense will prevail”. “King Charles is a globally respected voice on the environment and climate change,” Ellwood added. “His attendance will add serious authority to the British Delegation. Can we really go from hosting COP-26 to benching soft power at COP-27?”It is a convention in Britain, all overseas official visits by the members of the Royal family are undertaken in accordance with advice from the Government. King Charles and PM Truss words have to go hand in hand as a symbol of integration & unity of British Administration.