Supreme Court agrees to hear review petition on Jan 22 on the Sabrimala row.

The Supreme Court of India has agreed to hear various review petitions challenging its verdict on allowing entry of women of all ages to the holy Sabrimala templeon January 22. The total number of petitions is 49. Though it has not ordered any stay on its previous verdict on allowing women entry into the holy premises.

This decision comes in the midst of the continuous mounting tensions that had befallen the temple since the last many days. Huge number of devotees had strongly opposed the entry of women of all ages into the holy shrine with chants of “Save Sabrimala” growing louder with each passing day. Women in the 10-50 age group which essentially consists of women of menstruating age had been barred for centuries from visiting the holy shrine as the Ayyappa deity is considered to be an eternal celibate.

This verdict has given birth to a fierce battle between age old customs and traditions versus the new age liberalism and progression. The very claim that women are impure basedon the physiological process of menstruation has been pointed out to be a gender discrimination by many female activists Several women including few journalists tried to enter the temple despite many threats but failed to reach the holy sanctorium.