“A leader is a person who matches resources, opportunity, and reward.” – Sufian Suhaimi shares his cherished memories and insights.

Sufian Suhaimi,


Do you describe yourself as a natural leader?

A leader is a person who matches resources, opportunity, and reward. As a leader, I work to set an example, propose plans and in my case writing songs that convince people to support me, and demonstrate my proven track record of success. As a singer-songwriter, I believe I can be an essential asset for the music entertainment industry in Malaysia.

What do you feel most proud about?

I am most proud of how I well I performed for Anugerah Juara Lagu 33 (AJL33). The performance got an attention from all over the country and even the fans from Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. It took a bit of research for me to get a plan in place that would work, but once the plan was made, everything went smoothly. It felt really gratifying to see my hard work put to a good show. Which is one of your most defining moments in life?

Who do you admire the most?

The person that i admire the most is Michael Jackson because he is the sweetest person on earth who wanted to show us something very special and important.He is a very heroic person.He wanted to heal our world and help children around the world,Who needed a hero and also an angel from heaven to make them smile.Michael inspired me so much through his wonderful talented music that had amazing words with great meanings.

What is your strongest personal quality?

I like being honest and straightforward no matter what the results will be. I love that about myself.

Who inspired you to push through rough patches?

My parents have always been very supportive in most of everything I do. Although they never pushed me too hard to pursue something, I was given space to make decisions for myself. They showed me to work hard until you get what you want. I also have been taught that everything takes work and effort. If you want something, you have to take the time to work for it. I couldn't have asked for any better parents.

What does a perfect day look like?

A perfect day is when I wake up with motivation and objectives and going to sleep with satisfactions and happiness.

Would you like to share your thoughts with your followers?

I think engagement in social media is very important. However, I have to carefully choose what to share as it affects how they might perceived me.