India's GSAT-24 Satellite launched.

India’s GSAT-24 Satellite has been launched on the 23rd of June, 2022 at 3:20 hours IST, New Space India Limited(NSIL) the commercial wing of ISRO, a CPSE under the Department of Space; on-board Arianne 5A 257 flight from Kourov, French Guinea( South America).

NSIL, the commercial arm of Bengaluru headquartered ISRO has leased the entire capacity to TATA play- the biggest DTH player of the country. It is the first demand driven satellite of the country to meet out the increasing DTH communication needs of the country.

24 Ku band width for communication satellite weighing 4180 Kg. ensures a Pan-India coverage for meeting communication needs of the growing economy. After 40 minutes of flight, GSAT-24 was successfully injected into intended Geo-synchronous Transfer orbit( GTO) with Perigee-250 Km. and Apogee-35825 Km.