Petrol prices further cut by Rs. 8 and diesel by Rs. 9 in BJP ruled states. 

The BJP ruled States are getting the perks of a steep price reduction in the rates of petrol and diesel which are a record high worldwide due to the ongoing Pandemic. The petrol prices have been reduced in the range of Rs. 5.70 to Rs. 6.35 per litre and the diesel prices are waived off in the range of Rs. 11.16 to Rs. 12.88 per litre. It is still at its deadliest price in Rajasthan ( 111.10), Mumbai (109.98), and Andhra (109.05).

For those which are not ruled by the BJP or BJP partnered Governments like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Odisha, Telangana there has been no relief from the onslaught of price hikes. It is expected that such a price cut will cause a loss to the Union Government to the tune of 8,700 crores .