Sonu Sood on life and humanitarian initiatives

What seeded the passion for an acting career?

My first breaks came in Telugu cinema. I established my name by the time I came to Bollywood. Every one of us struggles before we succeed. Each journey is personal. I had mine. 

What is necessary to be consistent in performing various roles?

We must be compassionate about whatever we do. I am compassionate as a person and in my roles.

What made you decide to help migrants get home during the lockdown?

The visuals of migrants walking on the roads—heading back to their homes—disturbed everyone. I was on the road, distributing food to them at that time. I spoke to a few migrants and asked them if I could send them back to their villages. They said it was not possible and requested me to just pack food for 10 days. Somehow I convinced them and spoke to a lot of authorities at different levels. I told myself that this is doable and I can make it happen. Within days, I got the first set of permissions to send 350 people to Karnataka. After they left, I pledged to help all migrants across the country—from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Over a span of 100 days, I helped more than 150,000 people return home. Currently, I am involved in the international evacuation of 12,500 people.

I am here to win hearts not politics.

The entertainment industry is going through a digital shift. What are your thoughts about this?

The movies and work on shoots is the same. I think delivering the role with perfection matters the most be it a small screen or big screen

What is your take on the agricultural reforms?

I believe Kisaan hai toh Hum hai.

What inspires you to help aspiring students in every way?

I believe god has made me help people. I want every child who dreams to become a doctor to be a doctor. I have begun my scholarship program in association with ISM EDUTECH to help needy students fulfill the dreams of becoming a DOCTOR, to make a healthy nation.

Can you elaborate about Prof. Saroj Sood Scholarships?

 Launched in the name of my late mother Prof. Saroj Sood, the initiative looks at providing underprivileged students full scholarships for higher education. Hindustaan Badhega Tabhi, Jab Padhenge Sabhi! I believe financial challenges should not stop any one from reaching their goals.