Healthy is not about size or shape. Being healthy is about consciously thinking about your health. Saffola, as the pioneer of heart health brings a range of products that have been formulated to seamlessly integrate health into life in YOUR own way.

Each Saffola Oil variant has been formulated keeping your health needs in mind, so that now one can choose the right oil which meets the needs of your healthy lifestyle. they have always strived to provide the best in class quality hence presenting a range of heart healthy oils, which will make health journey effective, easy and enjoyable.

What makes Saffola Oils a healthy choice?

The power of Blended Oils: Dual -seed Technology gives you the goodness of two oils in one.

Losorb™ Technology** ensures lower absorption of oil in your food. Power of Antioxidants: Saffola oils are enriched with Antioxidants that help fight free radicals .

Saffola Gold
It is fortified with Vitamins A & D, and has a good balance of MUFA and PUFA. Saffola Gold with Natural Antioxidants helps fight free radicals. Daily consumption of Saffola Gold as part of a balanced diet with regular physical activity can help maintain healthy lifestyle.

Saffola Active
Saffola Active has the combined benefits of Antioxidants and LOSORB™ technology along with Omega 3. Since quantity of oil consumed every day is as important as the quality of oil you choose for daily cooking, Saffola Active helps you ensure both.

Saffola Total
Saffola Total is a synergistic blend which works on the 8 biomarkers of heart health to reduce inflammation^^ and helps keep your heart healthy. - Antioxidants help repair cell damage caused by free radicals. Saffola Total has an advanced antioxidant system with the power of 5 antioxidants.

Saffola Tasty
Saffola Tasty Family health & fitness are important to each of us. In our quest to be fit, we take several steps like walking, switching to healthier food options like oats. For the entire family to be fit, we need to make a choice which not only provides a superior quality over other oils, but has the benefits to help maintain a healthy heart as well. Saffola Tasty has the combined benefits of Oryzanol and LOSORB™ technology**. Dual-seed Technology gives you goodness of two oils in one - helping to achieve a balanced fatty acid profile.

Saffola Oats are made from 100% natural wholegrain oats, which give health benefits. They have been double-steamed to ensure a uniform texture and a great taste experience. Eating Saffola Oats as part of your daily routine is both delicious and requires minimal effort. Saffola Oats really are the smarter way to stay fit.

Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake provides up to 50% of your daily intake of essential vitamins in one serve with up to 70% less calories. It is recommended to replace one or more meals a day with Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake or as directed by a nutritionist in combination with exercise for effective weight management.

A majority of Indians consume diets that lack the desired quality and quantity of proteins leading to a variety of health ailments. Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake contains 15.8g-17.3g of PDCAAS 1 whey and casein protein. While the lower calorie intake lets you slim the right way, the protein content per serve ensures that the body is able to build and maintain much-needed muscle mass.


Saffola is a health care brand which brings to you a range of everyday Heart Healthy Foods and Services that are easy, effective and enjoyable so that they easily integrate into your lifestyle. For the last years, Saffolalife has been creating awareness about heart health and inspiring people to heave a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart. At Saffola, we understand that each one of you have your own way in which you blend health into your lifestyle. They encourage and applaud actions to discover one’s own ways of being fit & heart- healthy, so that health becomes not only a journey, but a sustainable part of life.

Saffola Salt Plus has less sodium making it is a healthier alternative to regular table salt. Diets low in sodium help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It is recommended to consume less than 2300 mg of sodium on a 2000 kcal diet.