With rising confusion and uncertainty over whether Bangladesh will send Rohingya refugees back to Myanmar has caused fear, confusion and anxiety in refugee camps. Authorities have said that they plan to move the first lot very soon but still its not clear whether such a move will be made or not.

The UN and other human rights group are still maintaining that no one should be forced to return since the situation in Myanmar is still not safe where there is strong violence and military agitations in the western Rakhine state. Over 300000 Rohingyas had already escaped Myanmar in the last year.

The refugees are living in very basic conditions in sprawling camps in Bangladeshi border town Coxs bazar.  However this announcement has led widespread fear and anxiety among the refugees who are desperately trying to seek asylum outside of Myanmar Bangladesh’s Rohingya relief and Repatriation Commissioner AbulKalam on the other hand has maintained that Rohingyas will not be forced back to Myanmar.​

Rohingyas return to Myanmar amidst confusion and fear in the refugee camps.