Is your romantic relationship status complicated? Why do you call it as complicated relationship? Is it because you both have some trust issues, lack of commitment, unshared feelings, or it is because you haven’t made your relationship official yet? Well it is observed that most of the time, people just don’t try and find their specific problem and due to which their relationship goes on for the toss. 

In today’s time, the best advice that people give is to move on with someone who give you a better compatibility, comfortability and ease in a relationship. And this is a perfect way to become and to go on. But sometimes, your heart is not ready to accept it. Here are a few ways in which you could attempt to look at your problem clearly and find out a better solution to deal with your complicated status and to make it normal once. 

Find the root cause of the problem and bring out a solution out of it. No matter if you are long and far this way might work.

Initiate the talk. Do not feel hesitated to talk. Sometimes talking might clear all your worries. 
Always be honest in your relationship. There is no point of doing cheating. 
Ask help. Get your trusted people involved so that your relationship can be stable. 
Try to show the immense love for him/her, because showing love would change your game. But at the same time also check whether the love for your partner is true. 
Also, taking a break from relationship can help as not only it will make you realize about your love but also it will create a brain storming session to know whether it was really a love or it was just a mere attraction. 

So, guys if you are facing such issues go ahead with the above points and make your relationship bloom like anything! 

Tips how to turn your complicated relationship into a healthy one