Tips on training for a marathon.

 Training for a marathon is a marathon itself. It comprises of dedication, intense preparation and lots of setbacks. The impulse of running a marathon is like a personal challenge and when it’s time to train for this long a run, you will need all the motivation to get up and go out even when it’s raining or when your legs are tired.
Training for an event like marathon comes in different phases and timeline. Let’s know about some pro tips to nail on the race day.

> Prioritize sleep and nutrition- Bad sleep schedule only makes the body lethargic. Keeping yourself healthy is the most basic step to start training for a run like this.

>Make a plan and keep records- Nothing can ever be done without planning. Get yourself a training plan and stick to it. Keep tracks of your long runs which will provide vital information till the race day.

> Keep some variations during training- In addition to running, you must also focus on recovery, self-care and cross-training. Feel the difference between a hard run and an easy run so as to know what your marathon pace should be.

> Maintain leg turnover- Practice your drills. Drills help maintain running form when the major muscles are failing. While, brief stretching sessions done regularly will help improve your performance and reduce risk of injury during the race.

> Train and compete with a group- Running with a group of people is a great strategy.

> Believe in your work- You have prepared so much and worked very hard. Don’t doubt yourself before going on the track. Have faith in all the time and energy invested in training.

> Understand your body- Pay close attention to what your body tells you. While training for a marathon, there will be times when you’ll have foot pain for several days or you’d feel fatigued, don’t wait for such problems to grow rather deal with them as early as possible.