New day, new feature.

WhatsApp is planning on introducing a number of new features on to its platform. While some are intended at curbing the spread of fake news, others are aimed at making conversations and communication on the social messaging app interesting and fun. We already know that WhatsApp is planning to add a new functionality to its doodle feature that would allow Android users to search for emojis and stickers. Now, a new report suggests that the company is also planning to make changes to the emojis available within its app.

According to a blog that tracks developments in WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned app is planning to replace the emoji stickers in its doodle drawer tool with its new official emojis. The screenshot shared by the blog shows that the new official emojis have a 3D-ish appeal and look more refined that the emojis that are available in the app's doodle feature right now. The feature is in the works for WhatsApp's Android app but there is no word on when the updated emojis will be available in the beta app or in its main app. However, the blog anticipates it shouldn't take long.

Separately, WhatsApp is also working on introducing animated stickers on to its app. The animated stickers would be available on all of the company's platforms, which includes its Android app, the iOS app and WhatsApp Web and unlike GIFs, which play for a few seconds, the animated would stay animated. The social messaging app is also likely to add support for third-party stickers on to its platform. However, we will have to wait until the company rolls out this feature to its users.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is planning to introduce a feature that would essentially prohibit users of the app from taking screenshots of their conversations. This feature would be enabled only when WhatsApp users enable the authentication feature - the one that allows users to natively lock the app - on their smartphones. Notably, users would still be able to respond to messages or answer WhatsApp calls even when the app on their smartphones is locked.

The tracker also found that the Archived Chats option was moved back to the bottom, after testing it in the main menu for a brief period. There's little clarity on why WhatsApp took this step, or exactly when the Emoji category will be enabled.