Nawwar Shukriah Ali​,

Founder and Designer, Bono Stellar Studios.

Do you describe yourself as a natural leader?

I don't usually describe myself as natural leader or anything so I am not defined with only one thing, it comes organically as i grow in my every day. It's all in the process of finding my path and where it leads from one thing to another and that's the beauty of the journey so far.

What do you feel most proud about?

I am most proud of where I am today and the excitement that I get whenever I get to create. Looking back to the past 9 years since I started Stellar Studio, it has been an amazing journey and I've learnt so much from my failures, my growth and to become the woman I am today does not happen overnight and I am looking forward to more magic in the future.

“I am not defined with only one thing.”- Nawwar Shukriah Ali speaks about her leadership journey.

Which is the most defining moments of your life?

There are too many, but from where I came from and growing up with limitations, I realized that it is possible for anyone to achieve just anything their heart desires, as long as you work hard and believe in yourself hard enough. There'll be challenges for sure, but to overcome and move on is challenging itself, but I learned to let go and believing in better things and just focus on that. To learn to ignore the noises at the same time balancing your life and taking care of your mental health at the same time.

Who do Admire the most?

I would say my late mother the most, she was my inspiration as a strong woman who made everything possible, super passionate and honest with her work and how she poured all her heart out into anything she was into. She taught me enough during my first 17 years with her, I still have her in my heart today even when she's gone for 17 years now. She was my main support then and fully believed in me and let me do what i feel like doing then from arts to music etc.

What is your strongest personal quality?

I am resilient, or at least I try to be. I had my challenges in life since I was small, losing my loved ones were one of my earliest challenges then it pushed me to make a living on my own to support myself. With passion in one hand and the need to survive in the world, I put this together to be who I am today, I failed so many times and there were times when I got stuck in the darkness but I always learn to keep myself grounded and get back all over again. Being a super independent woman in this world is not easy, but I keep reminding myself to have faith in greater things. I totally understand other people.

Who inspired you to push through rough patches?

As a kid I watched a lot of Oprah, I listened to a lot of music with great empowering lyrics, read a lot of books. They helped a lot. I am also grateful to have amazing people around me who can listen. Art is another way for me to express myself, another way for me to heal and get better.

What does a perfect day look like?

A perfect day is when the sun is out and I get to spend some time at the beach reading and swimming. I believe the sea helps me cleanse myself, where I can just be in the moment, thinking of the things to be grateful about and let go of any negativity in the sea.

Would you like to share your thoughts with your followers?

My thoughts would be : there are no excuses for not achieving what you dream to become, the world is huge. When I travel I see my problems as really small dots on the surface and there are more to explore in this life, that our problems are just temporary and the world is not going to wait for you while you sulk. Keep moving, wake up everyday by telling yourself that you deserve love and happiness and all the best things in this life. Keep believing and work towards that.

How would  you like to contribute to unite Asia?

I usually believe I could use my voice to help women, to reach out to those struggling with mental health, to help abused kids, but it all started within me healing and making a change within myself. I started Make It Happen a few years ago, a platform to help local creatives in Malaysia to understand creative processes and fighting for creatives rights, educate the masses so they would appreciate the creatives better. It would be amazing if I get to work with different creatives through-out Asia to learn how we work, our culture and grow together.