“Leadership success is not a matter of skills but a question of attitudes.” -Rina Neoh shares her entrepreneurial perspectives with us!

Ms. Rina Neoh,

Founder of EduTech Asia Group of Companies.

Do you describe yourself as a natural leader?

I believe leadership is a combination of both nature and nurture. You may have innate talents, such as social ability, self-confidence, agility and boldness that predispose you to leadership roles. But you need exposure to leadership situations to harness these qualities. I was lucky to hone up my leadership skills through my early years as a startup founder , entrepreneur and investor. I think successful leaders are created every minute, every moment.

What do you feel most proud about?

As a founder/entrepreneur/investor, I’m most proud of my investments in pioneering ventures that have high social impact and sound financial results. I have been instrumental in franchising a neuroscience-based international preschool system, creating an artificial intelligence robotics education system for kids, developing a humanoid robotics service platform for banking, creating a shariah-compliant venture capital fund, and launching a blockchain profiling platform and virtual currency for the e-sports industry.

Which is one of your most defining moments in life?

Everyday is a life-defining moment for me. I believe that who you are and what you become is the sum total of every experience, whether good or bad, that happens in your life. I enjoy what I’m doing and consider each day as a learning moment. My most defining moments are those times when I decide to live each moment the very best way I know how.

Who do you admire the most?

I admire leaders who follow their own dreams regardless of the odds and what others say. I have high respect for Elon Musk and his vision for the future of humanity, regardless of what other people think. I believe that visionary leaders are those who blaze a trail for others to follow and who are not afraid to take risks to make their dreams come true.

What is your strongest personal quality?

I’m very focused and determined to achieve whatever I set my mind and heart to do.  As founder and entrepreneur, I’m committed to make a difference in others and to impact society in every venture I undertake or invest in. I believe in the adage that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Success is an inside job, whether you succeed or fail starts with your mind.

Who inspired you to push through rough patches?

The person who made the greatest impact in my life is my Mom Alice. She raised me and my brother as a single parent with so much dignity and grace. She never complained about her situation and worked very hard as a salon proprietor and hairdresser to put us to school and to teach us the values of integrity, tenacity, and hard work — qualities that I carried into adulthood and guided my life as a founder and entrepreneur.

What does a perfect day look like?

No day is really perfect so I try to live each day as perfectly as I can. I balance my work with my family and I find time to spend quality time with my loved ones while enjoying our favourite meal, watching a good movie or just chilling out at home. I enjoy staying at home on weekends surrounded by people who matter to me most. 

Would you like to share your thoughts with your followers?

Leadership success is not a matter of skills but a question of attitudes. The goal of leadership is not to be better than others but to make a difference in the lives of others. Your success as a leader is not measured by how much you have accumulated but how much you have shared. It’s not true that it’s lonely at the top if you know you’re doing your part in making this world a better place to live in.

How would  you like to contribute to unite Asia?

My personal advocacy is to encourage more women in Asia to take great interest and leadership role in the startup ecosystem and  entrepreneurial world. Women have the innate  advantage of being able to balance business acumen with emotional intelligence. I would like to see more women in male-dominated industries, like technology startup, angel investing, fintech and esports. I think there’s no “glass ceiling” for women entrepreneurs and founders who want to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship.