Mrs. Rachel Goenka

CEO & Founder, The Chocolate Spoon Company.

grandmother to be mainly about food. She recollects it to start as a hobby but learning more about it made her more passionate. She claims that culinary never gets monotonous and your skill sets get constantly evolved and refined.

Understanding her deep connection and love for food we asked her about having a sweet tooth. She chuckled and was honest about having one. She exclaimed that dark chocolate fixes everything for her. She recalls taking dessert responsibilities in her childhood for dinner parties.

How did she perceive herself as an entrepreneur in India? She explained that after moving from Dubai to India she felt home. She was more connected to the people. She studied the market and found great potential for redefining desserts. She observed that restaurants serve template desserts like chocolate mousse, sizzling brownie, cheesecake, etc. She envisioned changing the dessert palate of the people. She sets a good example with her basil chocolate fondant with basil ice cream & extra virgin oil.

Redefining any kind of Indian palate is a big step. We were curious to know what challenges she faced as a business woman at the age of 24. To this she states that as a beginner she was just dedication and passion and her goal was to be a restaurateur more than a business woman. She spent most of her time at the drawing board, conceptualizing the food and the dessert. She was mainly focussed on the product. However, running a successful business goes beyond just an amazing product. After realizing she has additional responsibilities she began involving herself into the marketing, finance, operations. She spends most her time in the head office conceptualizing as quality and innovation are her core values. She owns 5 restaurants, 10 patisseries and 2 central kitchens across Mumbai and Pune.

To achieve such brilliance a person requires consistent motivation. We asked her favourite chocolatier and pâtissier who is her aspirational icon. We also wished to know her favourite cuisine. She idolizes Antonio Bachour, Pierre Hermé, Jacques Torres. She doesn’t favour just one but all cuisines. She admits that it also depends on her mood and cravings but chocolate ganache never fails her.

On her journey of introduction unique desserts the sassy twist seemed to be interesting.  We asked her about the birth of The Sassy Spoon. She admits being extremely sassy and couldn’t think of a better name as the brand was a reflection of her personality. A lot of people were taken aback by the bold desserts initially with added scepticism. She reveals when they conceptualize any dish, she always asks her team to think about the dish objectively and ask themselves one question – what is sassy about this? Is it an ingredient that is unexpected? A texture?  A take on a cuisine?

Making a mark includes aligning with the current trends. With increasing digitalization we asked her to share her ideas on visibility on social media. She admits social media is the millennial advertising tool. It is important to be visible but also to interact and engage your customers. A lot of times they get amazing feedback from their customers on social media and it also allows them to be more involved in what they are doing across all our brands. Swiggy has been a game changer as it allows them to reach a larger audience.

She further expresses her aim to taking customers to an explored world of food. She believes the customer experience is not just about serving good food but also about getting people to step outside their comfort zone and try something new, it’s about impeccable service and hospitality and above all its about treating each and every guest that walks through those doors like they are a guest in my own abode, with tremendous warmth and love.

With her scaling heights we are excited to know about her future expansions. She enthusiastically responded  saying they are targeting 100 outlets in the next 5 years. With a focus on hitting the Rs. 100 cr top line mark within the next 18 months they will also be franchising their brands to support  expansion into new cities, such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

Mrs. Rachel Goenka, the CEO and founder of The Chocolate Spoon Company shares her entrepreneurial journey and experiences with us which led her to make a unique spot in the food industry.

On the inception of the interview, we asked her about her family and childhood to get an insight about her close ones. She defines her family to be a very close-knit happy family. She also points out that her sister is 11 years younger but the gap doesn’t diminish the emotional bonding. She spent most of her childhood growing up in Dubai and they only moved to India in 2007.  She completed her graduation in Communications at the Pennsylvania State University. In 2011, she took a life changing path and switched careers. She moved to Ireland for three months and joined a culinary course at Ballymaloe Cookery School under the celebrity chef Rachel Allen.  She further went to specialize in patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu, London.

​She is very talented at Communications so we were curious to know how she realized that food is her true calling. She explained that she loved cooking in her childhood. She also expresses her best memories with her

Mrs. Rachel Goenka shares her entrepreneurial experience and making a spot in the food industry.