Apart from being a marketing expert he has early sales experience, along with that, close customer interaction has helped him evolve as a marketer – ability to read the pulse of both customers and consumers. This has helped him take quick decisions backed by on-ground understanding.

Mr. Ranju Kumar Mohan, of JK Ansell, when asked by Mr. Saimik Sen, CEO, Herald Global ERTC to talk about the industry’s current scenario he promptly described it in a word, Complex. He added “So many audiences, so much of India exists’ today. The consumer is changing; means to reach the consumer is changing. There are so many new things happening and so quickly, these are interesting times for every marketing professional. New younger consumers, newer channels are building but the fundamental remains the same –one needs to listen to the consumer.”

Mr. Ranju Mohan

Director and Business Head, South-East Asia to the JK Ansell Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ranjukumar Mohan has brought major developments, in the company such as a series of quick moves ensured, played the game well in the Deo category and today SPARK is No. 1 variant in the country. They have extended to other formats in body spray range which has been very well received by consumers, as they continue to gain market shares. In condoms, the company is co-branding with MTV for a launch of first of its kind bi-flavored range has also been very successful, under his regime.

The deodorant category has grown 5 times since he joined the sector, with the size being around 2100 cr. the growth is driven by consumer’s constant need to look good and feel good.

The best advice for companies when coping with Damage Control is to “‘not be silent’ and to take positive action and confront the facts” he explained the quote with Nestle’s example, thanks to FSSAI, Maggi noodles was taken off the shelves. News about ‘safety’ was all over the place. The company being proactive rallied, providing claims with test reports from independent testing agencies, tests done on fresh batches of Maggi noodles.

According to Mr. Ranju by far the best and most effective Marketing strategies  are, Airtel‘s “har friend Zaroori hain” campaign to took the core insights of friendship. Pepsi’s “Crash the IPL” India is a cricketing nation. Pepsi has been successful in using “crash the IPL “.

Nike also got their act right with their ‘Bleed Blue’ campaign. The Indian team wears blue colored jersey and given Nike’s connect with sports and performance, ‘Bleed Blue’ was about showing support to the Indian cricket team and ensured connect with the young India.

Driving brand loyalty among customers is a not an easy task, in today’s age Brands have to remain relevant and need to create better life experiences. The challenge is the ability to turn these experiences in journeys. Brand has to be consistent in providing value and seamless experience all the time, Brands allows choice of one product over another and will generate loyalty only if it fulfils expectations.

The change in consumer behavior has made decision making complex, today’s consumer is spoilt for choice. Our expert, Mr.Ranju Mohan said, thay have started making decisions on a core thought, ‘does it simplify things for my consumer?’ This consumer centricity has helped The Ansell Pvt Ltd sharpen and quicken their decision making.

 Any relationship may it be B2B or B2C , it requires being in sync. Without understanding the client’s requirement, a service provider would not be able to provide a ‘satisfactory’ service.

Ranju says, a Brand is like an Individual the vocal ones will be able to articulate their view point or make a stand. The non-vocal or ones that are not very social can be misunderstood.

Brands are similar – the relationship between brands and its consumers is symbiotic. Not being social means leaving more room for misunderstanding. It wouldn’t have mattered earlier but in today’s connected world, it matters to be social and this has a direct bearing on sales. The extent though is different for different brands based on categories they operate in.

His take on the industry’s foresight is practical, that traditional methods of marketing will change. The customer is changing the means of execution are changing, the platforms of connections are changing. The world is today interconnected, digital in any form, via mobiles, tablets,  e-paper etc. will change the way advertising is consumed. Online peer recommendation is the new WOM. All brands will have to necessarily be social at different levels. There is no escape if a company wants to survive wants its consumers to see it they have to be present and to be heard.

Being in the right platforms and with the right intensity is the best way to exploit the social boom. It is important to be on social platforms but not all. One of the key things to do is to identify the relevant and ideal platform where it matters to be present. For example, a large infrastructure brand on twitter makes no sense. This platform would serve a personal care brand better where the brand needs to constantly engage its target audience. Next is intensity. How much of interaction is right on a social platform?

One needs to understand the online social behavior of consumers with respect to the category and use it accordingly.