Mr. Piyush Mathur Shares Strategies, Goals, Core Values And Other Important Traits Of His Brand And Business.

Mr. Piyush Mathur is the CEO of Hielo Beverages India Pvt. Ltd., which is a reputed firm engaged in manufacturing the finest assortment of high-grade, export quality natural mineral water, natural sparkling water and natural nectar based fruit juice.

In an interview with Mr. Saimik Sen, Editor-in-Chief of ERTC-Herald Global, Mr. Mathur shares strategies, goals, core values and other important traits of his brand and business. 

​1. How do you describe your brand?

PEAUR is just not a fancy Logo or Badge as a brand; it stands as a stable commitment to its consumers. PEAUR’s ethos is providing our discerning customers “More in every drop”. Our ideology is to provide a never – before sell our product and brand but rather we want to introduce the purest form of drink in our every packaging to the consumers. Every drop of Peaur water is untouched and straight from the source. In today’s day and age we breathe in so much pollution and impurities. And we all crave for a better and healthy life; this is our way of introducing people to a healthy life with the intake of best quality of water. Peaur offer the healthiest drinking beverage for all.

Mr. Piyush Mathur

​Chief Executive Officer, Hielo Beverages India

2. How do you stay updated on the latest tools and trends?

Our focus at Peaur is to develop a product that is exceptional. Our ideology is to continue rejuvenating our knowledge base through thorough market assessments and gathering in-depth knowledge of what are target audiences need and want. The idea behind this is to do a comparative analysis of our strengths and weakness in contrast to our competitors, staying up-to-date through regular market assessments and by understanding what our target audiences would essentially prefer in the current scenario. We focus on delivering products which are different from our contemporaries; we do this by researching on our competitors and devise strategies and execute campaigns aimed at distinctiveness for our consumers.

3. How is your brand different from your peers?

PEAUR is Pure. We just don’t claim it, we deliver it. We believe ourselves to be different to our peers because we offer a healthier alternative. In the current beverage market, a large number of beverages are just for namesake “healthy”. Our product and brand’s USP is to provide the best quality pure and natural water directly from the source without any impurities and pollutants.

4. What are your short term and long term goals?

First and foremost, we aim to make PEAUR a part of the lifestyle of each individual while creating the awareness among people as to help them distinguish the difference between natural mineral water and packaged drinking water. PUEAR aims to leave the footprints marked on the scale of its quality and retain our consumers on the merit of their belief addressing PEAUR as a pure. Since we are new to the market, we are currently focused on establishing our brand through constructive messaging and products that will help win the loyalty and trust of our target consumers. To achieve this we are targeting all premium convenience stores in the tier 1 cities in India. We plan to contribute our share to the Make in India initiative. Since we are directly extracting from nature, we strongly believe in giving back to society and the environment in any form we can. Currently we have introduced four variations of the product and intend to continue expanding our horizons.

5. What is your company’s distinct competitive advantage?

GET-PEAUR! While claiming so, PEAUR-ity becomes habit .Every drop of Peaur is untouched! It comes straight from the banks of the River Ganges; from extraction to packaging everything, all steps are carried out at Rishikesh with the highest level of hygiene standards in sight and process. Our extraction plant and the packaging unit are located close to the Ganges to minimize the entry of impurities in our products. Every beverage we provide to our customers is as pure and natural as it can get with no adulteration or added chemicals. We aim to educate our consumers about how much healthier and pure our beverage is compared to regular drinking water.

6. Where do you see your company in next five years?

Sipping PEAUR for sure! But to add –I would like to say that, we are focused on the present rather than the future as we want to establish a strong foothold in the market. However, we aim to continue reaching new heights in the next five years. We aspire to become the number one brand for natural drinking water and flavored beverages.

7. What are the core values of your business?

At Peaur we focus on two strong brand pillars i.e. “Pure” and “Refine”. Our ultimate goal is to serve the best, pure and healthy beverage to people that will enhance quality living and uplift their way of healthy living. We are focused on providing drinking water in its most natural and purest form, bottled from refined mineral rich spring waters.

8. What is your distribution strategy?

I have immense faith in my team, as they are addressing this project with the same enthusiasm and passion. So with that, we have built an ethical and sustainable distribution model for all our products flagged under the mark of PEAUR, pioneering from Natural Mineral Water (Still and Sparkling), Natural Flavored Vitamin Water and our very precious gem Natural Fruit Juices with nectars. We are distributing our products through all the Super Stockiest, Mass Agents and all the leading distributors of India. Some of the key cities where it will be available are Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and adding. Overseas distribution strategy has involved key channel partners of the country to contribute.

9. What has been the best learning for you in life?

The best learning of my life as cliché as it may sound has been to Never Give Up! There will be an initial struggle when you set on the path to pursue your passion, but with hard work, determination and perseverance you can overcome any challenge. It is rightly said “Tough Times Never Last; Tough People Do! Just follow your dream with the passion. Passion can defy the destiny.