Mr. Pankaj Kapur in conversation with

Mr. Saimik Sen, Herald Global

Mr. Pankaj Kapur in conversation with Mr. Saimik Sen in an exclusive episode of Deep Dive with Herald Global.

This edition of Deep Dive delves exclusively into the significance of "Father's Day" as the Father is the one special person who sacrifices his entire worth to make the lives of his progeny worthy. Featuring an all exclusive interview with the veteran Film & TV actor, Director, Screenplay writer and also Author "Mr. Pankaj Kapur", not to mention the Father of Shahid, Sanah and Ruhaan Kapur.

‚Äč"Join Acting if only you are genuinely interested and first and foremost educate yourself about the art and discipline of acting." Mr. Pankaj Kapur elaborates on how Indian Cinema has changed and shaped anew with content taking the lead today. He expresses gratitude to the Television Industry for works like "Neem ka Ped" which are substantial in their storyline. On the occasion of Father's Day he says that he is more of a friend than a father to all of his children and has always encouraged them to listen to their heart; he believes that the younger generation is far more intelligent and ahead of their times

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