Mini purses by Jacquemus make the ultimate statement at Paris Fashion week.

The "Mini Le Chiquito" bag is basically the palm-sized version of the "Le Sac Chiquito" bag, which is practically sold out everywhere. The slightly larger version has been worn by Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, and the designer claims he's already sold "tens of thousands" of the mini version.

A report also reveals that Jacquemus has a knack for accessories. "Off it, showgoers gathered around the Place Jacquemus "storefront" to snap photos of this new release for Fall, a bag so small it's only big enough for AirPods, just impractical enough to be irresistible."  Made of suede and in shades of yellow, blue and white, these micro bags cost $486 that will roughly cost around Rs 35,000.

The brand is known for their quirky accessories and next season's must-have item debuted in white, pink and red. Sure, you probably wouldn't actually be able to fit anything in the bag but they are SO cute. Honestly, normal people won't be able to get our mitts on these until next season and the price hasn't even been released. But with the Le Sac Chiquito coming in at a respectable £360, we can only imagine (hope) the price point is significantly less.

Paris is the city where fashion trends are born. Bag is one accessory that can easily make and break your look. Whether it's an oversized tote or a cross-body bag, you can add glamour to your basic white tee and blue jean look with a bag. With the ongoing Fashion Weeks in the fashion capitals, Simon Porte Jacquemus launched his new bag collection and it's literally 'too small.' While even our hair ties might not fit into these micro bags, these handcrafted add-ons are tiny, cute and fancy. We were treated to this insane item – the world's tiniest bag. Designer Jacquemus sent models down the runway during Paris Fashion Week carrying micro bags, and honestly when we say micro, we mean almost invisible to the untrained eye.

Now, small bags have been dominated the runways for a while now and we're used to having to forfeit taking a purse or phone out for fash-un. But Jacquemus' bags are so itty bitty you'd probably struggle to fit a pair of AirPods in there.