Manu Bhaker with Herald Global on shooting and experiences.

You won your first gold medal at the age of 16, Could you describe the feeling?

Yes! I was 16 when I won my first World Cup Gold Medal. It felt pretty amazing, I didn’t realize it at first and I took some time to process it. Our country had topped the chart and everyone relayed how proud they were of me. It was the first time India won a medal in that challenge. I was really happy.

Could you tell us about your preparations and skills you had to develop to pursue shooting?

My physical fitness was very good because of Karate and other muscular sports. I used to play martial arts, karate and basketball so my muscles were very good. It played a very important role in my career.

What is your golden rule for discipline?

I train every day. I never skip my training unless it’s very important. I am always at the shooting range and I give my hundred percent. So that’s all. Working out is as important for my training and discipline.

How do you stay updated about the volatile scenario of the sports world?

I stay updated through the government website. My father keeps telling me about the news around the world and what I should be doing. He is a great support to me always.

How do you maintain your physical fitness in quarantine?

I have video sessions with my trainer and that’s what keeps up. I don’t compromise on my physical training.

How is the infrastructure in comparison to training with sports in the global arena?

The shooting range is beautiful and I never want to leave it. Our infrastructure is in par with the global arena and pretty satisfying.

Can you tell us about your preparations for Tokyo Games 2021?

I am really looking forward to it. I am really dreaming about it like a daily ritual. I am not committing any medals but I will try my best. I am focusing on everything and let’s hope for the best.

How do you think the government can help the youth to pursue sports as a career?

There are a lot of schemes like KHELO India for the youth. There is in fact a very good response and participation to pursue sports as a career.

What would you like to tell the youth of the nation?

I would like to say that you must choose what inspires you the most, maybe studies, sports or anything. Do whatever inspires you or interests you the most. You won’t have to pull yourself to do something.

Pursue anything with Passion, love and hard-work. These three things are the most important. Be honest to yourself. If you are honest to yourself then you won’t have to prove yourself to anyone and it will automatically happen.

You will be the best!