Tips how to deal with the online classes stress during the Covid-19 pandemic 

Many of us have gone through the rapid transition of online studies during the emergence of COVID-19’s pandemic period. This period is surely a challenging one for all of us who is going through the stress of the online studies. May be sometimes there is only one phone in the house and too many children in the house or may be the house is small or some of the people are not that tech savvy. 

So, in short, during these stressful time people including the students, kids’ parents and other family members unknowingly go through a lot of mental stress

Hence, here in this piece of article we bring to you some of the pointers which can make you to win the battle against mental stress. 

Always do a systematic planning of the class according to the schedule given by the school staff. Avoid being panicky when you feel your time with kid or the elder kid’s time is clashing with the younger one. Always follow the same. And keep your mind cool. 
Always talk to you family and friends for kind of adjustment and help needed from them. Make continuous efforts for the same. It is no harm in asking help from someone. Also you can reach out to your teachers and professors  to create solution for you. 

It is advisable to take breaks from the lectures as continuous digital interaction may create an adverse effect on your health .  Post the lectures you can stop yourself from being into touch with technology. You can either go for a walk or do some yoga or home-based exercises in order to get rid of from the radiation of technology. Prioritizing, your mental health too is important. Do not hamper yourself so much. 

Hence, kids-students-parents-teachers do not drive yourself crazy and go ahead with some of these pointers which can help in the reduction of stress of online studies during these testing time.