Lighting trends to brighten up your space

In a rapidly-evolving world, it is important to keep up with changes. The architecture, engineering and construction industry has seen lighting patterns change through the years, owing to a shift in consumer paradigm.

Light is the main character

In coming times, lighting design will become the main highlight of any project rather than being an afterthought. It’s already a starting point for many design conversations. So, don’t shy away from finding a local lighting designer who can upscale the project at a fraction of the project cost. Lights of varying intensities and purposes are used simultaneously to generate a custom scene. This technique is used in residential, hospitality as well as façade design projects typologies to create contrasts, while accentuating colours and textures.

Human-centric lighting

In post-Covid times, interior lighting has to be designed more thoughtfully and strategically. LED luminaires have to function more than just ceiling light sources and bring more value, while we experience and interact in the same space. Lighting has to become a disrupter and become human-centric as our requirements change during the day and lighting has to adapt to our change in needs.

Home office is the new mantra

This year has seen a tremendous increase in home offices. People have invested time, money and capital into designing and customising their workspaces and lighting is the key design element on the checklist. It has to be a perfect balance of task, accent, ambient and of course the natural day-lighting in the space, as every component plays a critical role in providing you with the perfect home office setting.

Automating light

Automation or ‘smart lighting’ is a collection of technical and custom commands for home lighting design. They are meant to meet the lighting specifications of the user, with the click of a button. This customisation saves time and energy for the homeowner to achieve their optimal lighting ambience. It is important to select high-quality fixtures and set them to the right automation upon consultation from a lighting expert.

Use of technology

Technology has levelled up ways of living and working and there wouldn’t be a better time to adopt the technology aspect than now. We can centrally configure the complete lighting system on automation along with security, audiovisual and curtains/blinds along with motion sensors or daylight sensors. If done correctly, through an experienced service provider, it can work in perfect symphony with each other.