How to be consistent in working out daily.

The pandemic has been an eye opener for all us who does nothing but promise every upcoming Monday to be the day to finally hit the gym or start yoga or just go for a morning walk.
What’s ironical with working out is that we know it is something of top priority but we still somehow manage to get dodge it. There is always something that surpasses its need.
We know that only the mind can help make a behavior into a habit. When we are determined to achieve something, our mind starts working out ways to help us get it. We stay consistent and diligent towards our aim.
So is the case with being consistent with our workout routine. Here are some tricks that’ll help you start your fitness journey:

> Make it conventional- Decide on a time of your choosing and block it for everyday. No excuses can be entertained. Every day, same time, same plan, no matter what.

>Think of it as fun- Working out is actually fun. You feel fresh and energetic and everyone grooves a little whenever the beat drops. You can also include variety of routines for each day so that you don’t get bored.

> Go little by little- Start with two or three days for 15-20 minutes each day because small steps bring long-term success.

> Set a goal- Even if you don’t need to workout for weight-loss, either set a time limit until when you’d workout or don’t stop until a specific amount of calorie is burnt.

> Track your progress-It is a technique of self-motivation. Each day you’ll want to break your own records.

> Don’t get stuck with ‘all or nothing’- Often we hear people say, ‘I really like cakes, but I’m on a diet’ or ‘starting January, I am going to start eating healthy’. All the decisions related to health should be your choice and not a compulsion.