“Sports is one of the language of the world” – Julian Yee shares his insights about leadership through Sports.

Julian Yee

Olympic Figure Skater, Malaysia.

Who do you admire the most?

I admire those around me. I like to take inspiration from my friends and family. Each of us have our own struggles and different ways to overcome it. I find that being able to connect with them is such a great opportunity. 

What is your strongest personal quality?

Being able to stay focused and disciplined.

Who inspired you to push through rough patches?

My coaches and parents played a big role in this. They always gave me support and also spoke the truth. Whether or not it was what I wanted to hear, they told me what I needed to hear.

What does a perfect day look like?

A perfect day to me never exists. There will always be something missing or somewhat like that. In this world, we can always want more. Its not to say I never enjoy my days, but I rather appreciate what I already have and enjoy the little things. 

Would you like to share your thoughts with your followers?

I would like to share that if you put your mind to whatever your goals may be, you'd be able to reach them. Your mind is stronger than you think. Also, keep in mind that the world is never fair, and it is up to us to see it in a different perspective and take things positively. Push yourself a little more, until you get over that hill, after that, then only would you be able to see the sun rise. 

How would  you like to contribute to unite Asia?

I would most definitely like to unite Asia through sports. Sports is one of the language of the world. We're able to learn so much and break barriers with sports. I would like to share my knowledge with the younger generations and help build a great and amazing figure skating scene throughout Asia and most especially, throughout South East Asia. support towards this aim.

Do you describe yourself as a natural leader?

I would say that I do naturally like to take charge if I'm in a situation that requires a leader. I feel that initiative must be taken and a direction must be made clear. I try to do it subtly without stepping on anyone's toes.

What do you feel most proud about?

I'm most proud of the people around me. My family and friends have been so supportive of my journey and I appreciate them a lot. I'm also proud that I'm able to be the first ever figure skating winter Olympian from Malaysia.

Which is one of your most defining moments in life?

Being able to qualify Malaysia in to their first ever Winter Olympics, plus walking in the opening ceremony with the country's flag.