A group of glam women sitting in front of makeup lights and cameras joined the singer on stage, and followed her lead as they also began to remove their makeup step by step.

The sight of so many women stripping down to their natural beauty was nothing short of inspirational, and even though Glynne didn't take home an award — she was nominated in two categories — the experience seemed to be rewarding enough for her.

American singer-songwriter H.E.R. also joined Glynne for the powerful moment, and helped spread the message of self-love with meaningful lyrics like, "I won't wear makeup on Thursdays 'cause who I am is enough."

Twitter users were quick to react to the performance, with one person sharing: "Jess Glynne and H.E.R SLAYED that performance. THE CONCEPT. THE MEANING."

"@JessGlynne what a beautiful performance. Gorgeous inside and out #keepingitreal," declared somebody else.

The moment reminded some of a similar statement Alessia Cara made during her performance at the 2017 MTV VMAs. After showing up in a glam red gown complete with a wig and bold makeup, the young singer stripped down to a simple black ensemble and wiped off her makeup while singing her hit "Scars to Your Beautiful.

This year's BRIT Awards were surely dominated by girl power. With a body-positivity movement that's only growing, we sure hope to see a lot more performances like this in the future!

Most performers try their best to avoid ruining their makeup during an important performance, but one British pop star intentionally ruined her glam squad's handiwork at the Brit Awards.

Jess Glynne, a British singer-songwriter, took to the stage at Wednesday night's awards show to sing her song "Thursday," and proceeded to take off her makeup little by little during an inspiring performance that's since gone viral.

The 29-year-old began her performance by removing her false eyelashes, as she sang "I won't wear makeup on Thursdays, I'm sick of covering up." She then wiped off her foundation as she crooned empowering lyrics such as "I just wanna feel beautiful" and "Don't wanna wake up and feel insecure." 

Jess Glyne removes her make up in an inspiring performance.