Bharat Forge denies claims in suit against Baba Kalyani

Bharat Forge in a statement released on Tuesday said the allegations made by Baba Kalyani’s nephew, Sameer Hiremath and niece Pallavi Anish Swadi, in a suit filed at a Pune sessions court  were false and baseless.

“The claims by the petitioners have been made with the intent to malign the image of  Baba Kalyani, his family and the Group. We categorically deny these allegations and state that the aversions made are factually incorrect and baseless,” the company spokesperson said. The spokesperson also said they have not been served the suit yet and will take action once it is done. 

“As and when the suit is served on us, we will defend our position before the court of law, including initiating appropriate civil/criminal defamation proceedings for tarnishing the image of Mr Kalyani, his family and the Group,” the spokesperson said.The statement was in response to the suit filed on March 20 by Sameer Hiremath and Pallavi Anish Swadi for partition of Kalyani’s family assets. The assets include shares of several listed and private limited companies under the Kalyani Group. 

The duo said they have a share in Kalyani Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) assets and they were being deprived of their share. “The allegations which have been referred to are factually incorrect, misconceived and is a malicious attempt with ulterior motives. Various assertions made contradict the petitioner family’s stance in other legal proceedings and are devoid of any locus standi,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said it was shocking that the petitioners filed the suit on March 20 and inappropriately handed over a copy of the suit to the media first, without even servicing the suit on defendants, or even before the matter was admitted for hearing in the court. “This itself shows malicious intent of petitioners, which is to defame and tarnish the image of Shri Baba Kalyani, his family and the Group,” the spokesperson said.