Evolution of E Motorbikes.


With the advancement in technology, it is pretty understandable by now that ‘Electricity is Modernity’. The scientific and technical process of harnessing electricity for human use defines the modern era, and has transformed our lives in ways we scarcely acknowledge today.

Electric advancement has not only reached our daily-use gadgets like toothbrush, induction stove, vacuum cleaners, etc but has proven to be a game changing fuel source that is transforming the whole automotive industry as well. Automobile giant Tesla has become synonymous with electric vehicles (EVs) while companies like Ather, Revolt, Okinawa are still in the process of making it big with their electric motorbikes and scooters.

 Electric motorbikes are two-wheeled motorbikes that generate their power from a motor by using their electricity in the form of transportation fuel. The advancements like better acceleration, high-speed handling efficiency, compact size, reduced motor weight, etc. have made electric motorbikes handle higher speeds in all sorts of areas. The advantages of using electric motorbikes are that they withstand powerful winds against the course. E-Motorbikes include electric scooters, electric bikes and electric mopeds.

Designing and development of any product comes with individual sets of challenges, and electric motorbikes are no exception to this rule. Among them, finding the right balance between the battery capacity and corresponding range is probably the most important one. Car and truck manufacturers can always equip their vehicles with batteries that are large enough to achieve sufficient range, due to the spaciousness of the four-wheeled platform.

In contrast, motorcycle designers have to deal with several specific difficulties with space limitations being a crucial one. Extra weight that comes with larger batteries affects handling and overall driving aspects of the motorbikes, which is much more important when the driver physically balances and leans the motorbike while turning. A potential solution to this problem is to fit them as low as possible, which lowers the center of gravity. However, this is difficult to do on a motorbike, because of their specific shape and layout. Most electric configurations will have batteries in the spot where the engine lays in traditional motorcycles.

The innovation of the internal combustion engine is one of the best creations of humankind. The traditional vehicles with ICE provide a good performance but are the major cause for poor efficiency and environment pollution across the globe.

Decreasing fuel consumption and carbon emissions are the most important goals among the present-day plans of governments all over the world.

Few advantages of electric two wheelers are:

· Easy starting

· No driving license required for two wheelers like mopeds

· No registration with RTO required for moped type electric vehicles

· Less wear & tear because no reciprocating parts

· Lubrication is not necessary

· No pollution & No fuel residue

But as everything come with their own set of drawbacks and limitations, electric motorbikes are no exception, with the following disadvantages:

· It should be charged periodically

· Not fit for long travel

· Not applicable for heavy loads until suitable power supply & driving unit

A range of fresh and relatively new manufacturers are currently dominating this market segment. With brand perception and corresponding reputation at stake, mainstream manufacturers are always careful when incorporating new technologies. As a result, their freshly emerged competitors can be more creative with their designs and use various innovative solutions.

LiveWire is an electric motorcycle by Harley-Davidson, their first electric vehicle released in 2019. Vespa’s first all-electric scooter goes by the name of Elettrica and it looks downright fantastic. And while Honda’s PCX ELECTRIC lacks in power and speed, it makes up for comfort, mobility, and control. Equipped with a newly developed, eco-friendly power unit, the electric motorcycle flaunts a dependably sleek design.

The Ola S1 Pro has the highest range among the electric scooters followed by the Okinawa i-Praise which is one of the more advanced scooters in the Indian market. It features a brilliant design complete with attractive color options and graphics. It is positioned as an intelligent scooter with lots of high-tech features. It also connects to a smartphone via an app.