Ice-cream industry suffers blow due to Coronavirus lockdown.

The ice cream industry has taken a blow due to the migrant crisis triggered by the migrant crisis due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The loss runs up to the tune of Rs 15,000 crore in the organized sector and more than Rs 30,000 crores in the unorganised sector.

The peak ice cream season typically starts from February to June and this year it was massively affected by the lockdown which resulted in almost no sales.

Ice cream carts have almost gone off the road due to the crisis of migrant labourers.

Anuvrat Pabrai said, "This is the worst situation that the industry has ever faced since I have been in the ice cream industry. The season which starts from March and ends about July has been totally wiped out."

"It is affecting the companies. We would like migrant workers to come back soon so they can start earning their money. The industry is not able to operate because the materials are not available. It's a very bad time for the industry."

Presently the entire ice-cream industry is divided into two sectors - the organised and unorganised.

He further explained, "The Indian ice cream manufacturers Association is an apex body of the Indian ice cream manufacturers with around 80 members like Kwality Wall's, Cream Bell, Vadilal, Arun then companies like Naturals, Mama Mia. All the well-known brands are the members of the association. The organised sectors which the association represents have a turnover of about 15-17 thousand crores. We have lost around 5-6 thousand cores already in terms of revenue."

But for the part of an industry based in Eastern India Cyclone Amphan had added to the sufferings in May 2020. From disruption in electricity supply to no cold storage access, the problems have been plenty.

Pabrai stated, "The ice cream brands are trying and working out to open out retail outlets, but there are a lot of problems in Eastern India particularly in Kolkata itself because of Amphan a lot of people lost their houses and the damage was around 17 hundred crores. We are trying to rebuild that and trying to get back the migrant laborers."

The season starts from March and goes up to the end of June, on the 15th of July. This is the time when the maximum sales of 45% of sales happen. In March when the lockdown happened and then by June, things are opening but in bigger cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai they are all still in a very bad position it's not a happy situation.

Ice cream consumers shared their experiences too.

Sidhi Agarwala said, "We really missed the ice-cream. It's been 3 months. We have been avoiding ice cream because of the corona. When we went outside for a ride, we saw this ice parlor is open, so we decided to eat now. We can enjoy our time now, it's been long but also keeping in mind the social distancing and hygiene also. Avoid eating ice cream a lot, but a little bit is okay.