Worth the time and money Hp Specter 13 setting a paradigm shift with the sexiest and thinnest Laptop yet.

 The fashion iconic tech, HP has brought has created new Level of Standards to mark all products against. HP has been bringing the professional compact and need based laptop for years in the market, they have finally launched a laptop catching everyone’s attention. Along with the laptop the company has also changed its basic circular logo that everyone is used to relating to, an angular stylish new logo. 

showed Windows PCs was down 13% year over year with a 3.1% operating margin. Notebooks unit went down 8% and Desktops units went down 13%. The company said they will shift their mix to high end walk away from negative margin business. HP partially blamed Windows 10 for less than expected hardware sales in an earnings Q & A session. Windows move to give away updates free had affected the sales of new Pc’s and Windows OEMs. With time hopefully the market will stabilize allows Original Equipment Manufacturer to innovate freely.

The laptop is said to be the only thinnest laptop any major laptop manufacturer has ever made at just 10.4mm thick and weighing only one kilograms. The company announced in the first quarter of 2016, that the sales of Hp Laptops and Desktops went 13% down. The Financial Results of Personal Systems group 

  ​Along with HP Specter the company is soon launching Elite x3 device that supports Continuum - a feature that allows the device to be attached seamlessly to a separate screen, mouse and keyboard. The device is said be available in Asia-Pacific and Japan in September and later in India, HP Elite x3 bridges phablet, laptop and desktop use cases from a single computing device while enabling users to run key productivity apps across seamlessly.

​HP Inc. has moved its mix to high end market and the products are receiving a good feedback from the market. There is no official statement yet by the company as to how the product is doing on paper, but with the current quarter ending in a few months the financial results of the company will state the true feedback of the market.

Is HP Inc. Recovering from its previous Quarter?