Google has taken the world by storm since its launch as other search engines prior to its conception were not as efficient and fast as google. It is a subsidiary and artificial advertising cloud computing computer software as defined in the own google search option.

It originated in the US with Alphabet being the parent company of Google, a tech giant with a $1.4 trillion market cap, 5th most valuable in the World. Google is the flagship subsidiary of Alphabet brand and company. It has gone on to be the most valuable media brand with US $ 191.2 billion brand value. Google is a search engine with most of its revenue derived from advertising leading to its inclusion as a media brand.

It has a hybrid brand architecture as Amazon, Waymo and Microsoft. It is a digital company of repute with end to end implementation of custom consulting solutions for in-house experts. The spectacular google logo in four basic colours red, yellow, green and blue looks spectacular even on small screens. Fortune, Glassdoor and Forbes have ranked it the No.1 brand in terms of customer service and credibility. Brand Z has reported it to be the second most valuable global brand. The operation technique of google makes it the best brand in the search engines also ideal for advertising and brand promotion as well.

It is the most innovative and progressive company in terms of conceptual designs and technologies it provides.

Google powers AOS –smartphones, has the best web browser-chrome, the best location guide-Google Maps and Google Earth and  not to mention the most successful video service-Youtube.