Mr. Hanif Shaikh in conversation with Mr. Saimik Sen in an exclusive episode of Fast Track with Herald Global.

"Live life to the fullest as the moment passing by will never come back...Dream big as nothing is impossible". Mr. Hanif Shaikh is a role model for today's young generation who has single handedly accomplished a variety of roles with ease & perfection. From being a dealer in precious commodities like gold, agarwood, teakwood to trading in cryptocurrency Fynzon; from organising exhibitions at the Fujairah Chamber to organising International Beauty Pageants in the UAE, the versatile Mr. Hanif Shaikh has done it all. Not only that, he is also the boss of the Hospitality Industry with his Boutique group of Hotels.

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Mr. Hanif Shaikh in conversation with

Mr. Saimik Sen, Herald Global