Since past November 2019 the world is dealing with global Corona Virus. On one hand a huge set of crowd have to lose their lives while on other hand some of them have to juggle with novel corona virus’ symptoms. 

But the virus tale is not yet over, as after the corona virus, a major outbreak has been reported is of Delta Variant. So, in this piece of reading, let us know about what is Delta Variant virus, what are it’s symptoms and how can you be precautious in order to safeguard yourself from it. 

What is Delta Variant? 

Delta Variant of Covid-19 virus is derived from the Greek word and was actually 1st identified India & is known as the B.167.2 (a medical term). Actually, it is a kind of virus which causes a spike in the rate ratio of infection especially among those who are unvaccinated and thus along with Corona virus the Delta Variant virus has become the dominant virus or in order words it can be called as the new type of Coronavirus. However, The British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson believes that delta is about 60% more infectious than alpha, which was previously the predominant variant in the UK and, in its turn, is more easily passed on than the ancestral variant that caused the first pandemic wave of spring 2020.


Dry Cough 
Normal Fever 
Shortness Of Breath 
Abdominal Pain 
Skin Rash 
Changes In The Color Tone Of Toes 
Sore Throat 
Loss Of Smell 
Runny Nose 

As per the report published in the above given symptoms can be considered in the spread of Delta Variant virus. 

Precautions to Be Maintained!

To avoid the touch of Delta Variant, one has to follow such protocols in order to safeguarding yourself from the deadly Delta Variant virus 

  1. Do not step out of the house if it is unessential. 
  2. Maintain a 6 feet distance while talking to people, so continuation of social distancing should be carried on. 
  3. Keep on sanitizing your hands and locality. 
  4. Wash your hands for 20 seconds several times a day. 
  5. Do wear double mask. 
  6. Most significant vaccinate yourself as soon as possible. 
  7. Avoid eating outside and eat as much as healthy food. 

So, readers, we urge you all kindly stay home as much as possible, stay safe. 

Tips to cope up with the deadly Delta Variant