Why you should start your mornings with nuts?

It is important to start one’s day on a healthy and energetic note. As such, there’s nothing like loading up on fibre and antioxidants in the mornings.

Mornings can usually make or break your day, isn’t it? How your morning unfolds tends to affect the rest of the day, hence it’s important to start your mornings fresh, happy and healthy to have a good day. Having nuts boosts up body and allows it to function in the right way for the rest of the day.

In simple terms, instead of opting for a heavy meal, one should start their day with foods that are light yet nutritious.

Soaked almonds

Almond, if consumed in the mornings, can boost your memory, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol as it is power-packed with protein, vitamin E and magnesium. Also, soaked almonds are better because the peel contains tannins which inhibit nutrient absorption.

Soaked walnuts

Walnut, the king of all nuts, is rich in antioxidants, protein and healthy fats. They are touted as “brain food” as they help improve brain functioning. Further, walnuts are a good source of calcium, potassium, iron, copper, and zinc. Having soaked walnuts increases metabolism, controls blood sugar levels and further helps in losing weight.

Begin your mornings with nuts and face your day with power and energy.

How do you begin your mornings?