Spotlighting what is Silent Heart Attack? 

Changes in lifestyle and adaption of the different kind of food are reportedly one of the reasons to face silent heart attack. The symptoms of silent heart attack are very hard to identify. We usually make mistakes and thus an individual loses his/ her life. Well, in you are unaware about Silent Heart Attack then here in this piece of information we will give information that you could save for you from any such casualty.  


In this state of condition, a patient has severe chest pain along with the suffocation. Many a times, people do not pay attention to such problems and they avoid going to medical officers.

Along with the chest pain, the patient suffers the pain in the arms. 
Above all the pains, the patient feels a bit unconscious, and feels fatigue or weak even though. 

Severe pain in the jaw line area is also one of the symptoms. 
Sudden swelling in the legs. 
Sudden development of the gas or having the gas tendency, acidity etc. 
Body weight, thyroid and cholesterol. 

Vital Suggestion to Get Avoid From Silent Heart Attack

Keep yourself stress free as much as you can. Always stay happy. Start with yoga, fitness training, meditation and breathing exercises. 
Start having healthy food, avoid food which have high level of sugar, fats and gaseous in nature. Drink lots of hot water. Also, have healthy juices and shakes if possible. 

Walk at least for 30minutes for the day. 

So, readers, what are you waiting, good ahead with some of the useful tips in order to safeguard yourself from the silent heart attack which can save up your life and which can give happiness and justice to yourself and your family.