Even though junk food is a complete ‘No! No!’ putting all the eggs in one basket is not the wisest of all decisions. The human body is made the way it is because it needs all kinds of minerals, proteins, fibers and nutrients to have a ‘balanced diet’. This is possible only when we get out of the box and let ourselves free. Sticking to just one type of food slowly re-shapes our bodies in a way that even the slightest of exposure to other food items develop greater diversity of health bacteria in the gut. The best approach to it is choosing a mix of foods from within each food groups in order to help provide a range of essential nutrients which may help prevent certain health conditions. This also helps prevent one of the most challenging tasks of eating healthy food, that is, boredom and burnout. When we eat just one type of food everyday, it is definite to get bored and feel uninspiring and restrictive. In order to make healthy eating something that you can sustain, add flavors and varieties to the food in a way that stabilizes your all day meals. Eating food from different food groups helps us achieve a diet rich in different nutrients, we should also be mindful of the effects of variety on how much food we eat during meals. To get the right balance, variety should be encouraged within some food groups such as fruits and vegetables.

Food Myths : Everything in right proportion is the trick​