When we think of starting an exercise routine, one of the thoughts that crosses our mind is, ‘should I get up in the morning or take some time out in the evening?’
Well, science says, time-dependent exercise has different results in regards with duration, exercise type and hormone alterations.

Morning Workouts- After a good night’s sleep, your mind is ready to get to work and you feel energized and feel the flow of positivity all day.
The hormone adenosine, which promotes sleep, is at its lowest when we wake up, hence our body is more active and can work harder.
Besides this, researchers have studied that morning workout routine has 2x more fat burning potential, it lowers blood pressure and acts as a natural metabolism booster. They say, morning workouts produce more growth hormone.Early birds also claim that they sleep better and are more consistent when they have a morning workout routine.
On the other hand, people also say that your body is stiff in the morning which may lead to injuries.

Evening Workouts-According to research, it is believed that evening exercising is associated with lower stress levels, greater reaction times, better endurance and improved resistance training.
Many people say that muscle strength, flexibility, power output and endurance are all better in the evening than they are in the morning.
It is also observed that people who exercise in the evening take up to 20% longer to reach the point of exhaustion.
The rush of endorphins you get during and after the evening exercise can be a sweet nightcap that helps you have deep sleep.

But at the end of the day, the best time for people to exercise would be whenever they can get a chance to exercise efficiently.

Different effects of morning and evening exercise.