Clubhouse has finally lifted its invite-only system to allow anyone and everyone to join the social audio app. In addition, the company has announced a new logo as well as an official website.

The update comes in a new note informing of the much-awaited changes. In the note, Clubhouse mentions that it is “now out of beta” and that it will now welcome all to use the app from across Android and iOS.

The decision marks a stark shift from Clubhouse’s invite-only nature that has propelled its use for over a year. Since its inception for iOS, the app required people to have an invite from an existing user before they could sign up on it. The waitlist system helped the app to grow “in a measured way“ and kept things from breaking as it scaled.

It now expresses how its ultimate aim is to establish such a conversation platform for everyone. For this, the app will now be open to all those downloading it on Android or iOS. No more invites will be needed to gain access to the app.

Announcing the updates, the note further sheds light on the year-long journey of the social audio app. “Our team has gone from 8 people to 58. The number of daily rooms has grown from 50k to half a million. We’ve added 10M people to the community since we launched Android in mid-May,” Clubhouse notes.


It further highlights that its new Backchannel feature has seen 90 million DMs being sent on it since launch last week. The app records an average use time of over an hour per day, with a large percentage of people actually talking in the conversations.

Clubhouse acknowledges the growing competition from the technology bigwigs in the note. It plans to have the edge over them by focusing on the product and community building. For this, it will be expanding its workforce in the days to come.

The updated Clubhouse version is out on iOS and Android. Going forward, the company promises big new updates every 1-2 weeks.

In addition to the update, Clubhouse also got a new logo and a revamped website.

Clubhouse lifts the invite-only system, opens up for everyone on Android and iOS