Gmail has an array of functions and tools. Now, another feature has been added: money transfer. Google announced that it was adding a new feature to Gmail that will allow its users to transfer money, simply by attaching it with an outgoing email. Google has enabled some Indian users to send and receive money through Gmail. The integration of Google Pay with Gmail has been reported in other countries, but this is the first time Indian users have been offered the service. According to media reports, the tech giant is keen on a deep integration of the two platforms. Also, at the moment the new feature is announced only for the Android users.

Previously Gmail for desktop allowed the users to send money, make payments via the lately introduced Google Wallet. Extending this feature, Gmail now introduces a new payment feature for the Gmail mobile users which will probably help the users to transfer money to others with the help of the Google Wallet.

Gmail introduces feature for money transactions to Indian users.

How does it work? It's simple.

1. Compose a new mail
2. Enter the recipient's email id or contact details
3. Like you attach pictures, videos, and other files, there will appear a new option "send money", once you click on the attach icon at the top right corner.
4. A small dollar icon will show up if you have been allowed to use the feature.
5. The Google Pay dialog box opens up once you click on the dollar icon.

A few more tips to use the feature efficiently.

1. Now, we must ensure that there is enough money in the Google Wallet, if not, first add sufficient money to the wallet to make the transaction process via Gmail smoother and much easier.
2. Once that's done, now all that's required is to add the amount that is to be transferred to the recipient, for instance, a transaction of Rs 500 is to be made, enter 500, click "continue".
3. Always mention the purpose of the transaction and tap on the "done" option.

Like photos and videos get attached to the email, we can visibly notice Rs 500 attached to the body of the email, which will appear as "money attached". This would be the last stage of the transaction process, and now click on send money by tapping on the send icon.

The transaction process takes a few seconds.

Gmail's new "send money" option doesn't charge any additional transaction fee and is seemingly user-friendly.