Global Property consultant CBRE to hire 3000 employs in India.

Global property consultant CBRE will hire 3,000 employees across India this year for business expansion. CBRE’s India revenue grew 20% during 2018 and expects to maintain its growth even in 2019. The consulting firm has entered into housing brokerage and now plans to expand this business in a big way. They claim to be a growing firm with people as their only assets. Therefore, they have been hiring the best talent available in the market since last few years.

In 2019, they expect to hire 3,000 people across India to meet our growth requirement. At present, CBRE India has around 8,300 employees who provide various services in the real estate sector. These services include that of advisory and transaction capital market, project management, consulting and valuations, facilities and property management.

On housing brokerage, the company is selling flats in major cities of South and West India with sale force of 75 people. They want to grow this business as there is a laudable scope. They ensure to be cautious in their approach and market projects of only credible developers.

In housing brokerage business, CBRE will be competing with the likes of Anarock, PropTiger, JLL India, Quikr, Square Yards, 360 Realtors, Investor Clinic and Wealth Clinic, among others.

Warehousing, co-working, co-living, student housing, healthcare, education and hospitality sectors are the new asset class where one can expect growth going forward. They expect institutional investment in these sectors apart from regular inflows in housing, office and retail assets.​