Humanity is the mother of all religions. Developing this beautiful thought into practice is an institute in Kolkata. This college provides ‘humanity’ as the first option in religion in their application forms, they are setting high humanitarian standards. A Kolkata University college, Bethune College, has decided to do away with the heterogeneous clubbing of different religions together under 'other' and introduced another 'Humanity' for all people who feel restricted by the limited options.

Established in 1879, the first women’s college in Asia has taken a noticeable step by keeping ‘Humanity’ as the first option in the ‘Religion’ tab of their online application forms for the undergraduate admission process that started on May 27 2019.

First Humanity college in Kolkata.

If you live in India, you will often have to fill out forms: Government application forms, bank forms, college application forms, forms to get a permit for anything, and many others. Most of these forms come with a pre-requisite mandatory series of questions.

"Enter your date of birth."

"Enter your nationality."

So far so good, right?

"Enter your religion."

Well, in this country, you don't get to choose your own religion, the same way you can't choose your nationality or family. But what if you don't follow any religion? What if you don't believe in God?

In most of the forms that we are needed to fill, the options are restricted to major religions like 'Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity,' or clubbed under the collective term - 'Others.'

"We have realized that some students are reluctant to mentioning their religion in the admission form. We appreciate their views as we feel that 'Humanity' is the true religion of mankind. Hence, we have deliberately kept this category in the religion section. It was a unanimous decision on the part of our admission committee," Mamata Ray, principal of Bethune College revealed to The Millennium Post.

This step by the college moving towards a more 'humanitarian' approach is seen as a welcome move by students.

"We still have so much to be proud of, and someday, there might not be a column on religion at all," wrote a user on Facebook.

Bethune College established in 1879 and known formerly as Hindu female school, is the first women's College in Asia accredited by NAAC-Grade A.