The logo story:
The logo has two elephants tugging and symbolizing a strong adhesive.

Some of their top variants are:
Fevicol SH” is a synthetic resin adhesive intended for wood working and various materials where one of the surfaces to be bonded is porous. SH strongly binds wood, plywood, laminate, veneers, MDF and all types of boards and cork

Weather change and continuous exposure to water and moisture expose furniture to stress. This could result in opening of joints and de-bonding of laminates in-spite of using good quality material. ‘Fevicol Marine’ is a specialized waterproof adhesive that protects furniture from de-bonding even when exposed to water.

Bubble has always been a trouble in Woodworking especially in vertical laminations or large sheet lamination. The dream design can get shattered if bubble forms on the laminate and plywood. Fevicol Hi-Per powered with Anti-Bubble formula provides instant grab and uniform glue transfer leading to a strong contact between plywood & laminate. Hence there is a very little chance of air entrapment and contact gap which significantly reduces the probability of bubble formation. It also offers superior tack development, faster grab and reduced setting time.

They have some of the most iconic ads to connect with their customers and spread the message accordingly. The Cliffhanger ad, the Fevicol Egg and the most recent the bus ad. They also have made videos to show the usage of the variants to make it easier to understand.

Giving back to the society

One of the most exceptional activities is Shram Daan Diwas, conducted on 20th December every year, where carpenters and contractors willingly volunteer a day’s work to help repair furniture and fixtures in municipal schools, government schools, schools for the blind and disabled, orphanages and hospitals

It has been loved for its superior quality, ease of application and iconic advertising, this synthetic resin adhesive has made its way to the hearts and minds of millions.


Pidilite is a consumer centric company committed to quality and innovation. For decades, they have been pioneering products for small to large applications, at home and industry, which have forged strong bonds with people from all walks of life. From adhesives, sealants, waterproofing solutions and construction chemicals to arts & crafts, industrial resins, polymers and more, their product portfolio is as diverse as it is ever-evolving. Today, their brands are trusted household and industrial names, and they are the market leader in adhesives. A robust and growing network makes their products accessible across demographics and geographies. They also embrace their responsibility towards the community through social initiatives in rural development, education and healthcare.

The company started with a single factory that manufactured only one product, Fevicol. This white synthetic resin adhesive was primarily launched to make the lives of carpenters and woodworkers easy.

The company laid its foundations with innovation in the form of Fevicol – path-breaking synthetic white resin adhesive. It meant freedom from cumbersome animal fat glue for binding woodworks. Fevicol remains the first choice of carpenters. Fevicol was an industrial product, which was re-launched in an innovative ‘tube-pack’ to reach end consumers. Today Fevicol is integral to every household in India. they keep innovating and coming up with new variants of Fevicol to suit the diverse markets in India and abroad.