WONDER: Lionsgate’s “Wonder” made third place over Thanksgiving. 

Lionsgate’s “Wonder” made third place over Thanksgiving. It doubled the predictions with $27.5 million on its initial weekend and it fell less than 18 % on its second weekend as compared to the 29 % fall for “The Star, and 56 % fall for “Justice League”.

“Wonder” is approaching profit fast on a $20 million production budget.

In several key features, “Wonder” resembles “The Blind Side.” And both are based on the feel-good best sellers i.e. “The Blind Side” nonfiction and “Wonder” a novel, about the young people who overawed school-year odds with the help of devoted parental characters. Both the films initiated the weekend prior to Thanksgiving as a counter-programming along a blockbuster “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” then, “Justice League” here.

That part may have aided “Wonder” to earn an A+ Cinema score from initial audience which is again similar to “The Blind Side”. However the score is variable in forecasting a long- term response, the rare A+ tends to suggest a healthy and long theatrical run.

All of this position “Wonder” for something similar to the success seen by “The Blind Side,” while short of that film’s about $300 million domestic (in 2017 adjusted figures). Though, $150 million is an accurate possibility for “Wonder,” which would be close to a remarkable six times multiple.