INSIDIOUS- The last key

The fourth entry in Blumhouse's haunted house franchise got 2018 off to a fine start, opening bigger than Insidious: Chapter 3 ($22 million in 2015), but obviously smaller than Insidious: Chapter 2 ($40m in 2013).

With the production budget of $10 million it was released over 3,150 theatres worldwide. Insidious: the last key earned over $144 million worldwide. Lin once again commands this character, the sound track by Joseph Bishara is incredibly effective, and Adam Robitel did an awesome job taking the story into yet another new direction.

Lin Shaye had a pretty good chemistry with her co-stars, Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell. They were both thecomic relief to the seriousness that Shaye brought to the movie. 

Insidious 4 released into the theatre on 5th January 2018. This is the first horror movie of 2018 and the 4th movie of Insidious franchise. Insidious: The last key is a prequel to the Insidious tells about the past, the childhood of Lin Shaye.

It didn't just pull a terrific $29.268 million opening weekend. It pulled a shockingly not-terrible 2.3x weekend multiplier, that’s near-$30m debut is the second-biggest launch ever for one of these "January starts with a schlocky horror movie" offerings ever, behind the $33m debut of The Devil Inside back in 2012.