Apple HomePod Mini, the benchmark for all the smart speakers.

In the world of smart technology, upgrading to smart home has become customary. With this advancement in the technology, Apple has launched HomePod Mini for the Apple users as an uncomplicated gateway to entertainment. This smart speaker fits perfectly into every Apple fan’s home with its mini and sleek design and adaptability to Apple devices.
This smart home speaker carries out voice commands via the Siri smart assistant. Siri can answer questions for you, set reminders, send messages and read the news. It can also control your smart home and execute commands to control your house’s smart devices.
The Apple HomePodmini has roughly the size, shape and weight of a softball. In fact, it’s even smaller than the new Echo Dot. It is coated in mesh fabric except for its base and touchpad.The Apple HomePod mini operates wirelessly over Wi-Fi, so your phone or laptop needs to be on the same network. The speaker uses the internet to answer your questions and stream media.
To stream music to the HomePod mini, you need a subscription to a certain service like Apple Music, Spotify and more. Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and even some third-party services integrate directly into the HomePod mini. You can also play FM radio over the HomePod mini.
The Apple HomePod mini is an omnidirectional speaker that emits sound in a 360-degree field around it, and the sound is good from all angles. Apple packed a full-range driver and dual passive bass radiators into this little sphere. A single speaker gets sufficiently loud to fill a room, despite its pint-sized footprint.
To summarize, it’s affordable enough to be bought in quantity, small enough to be placed in any room of the house, laden with smart skills and has an uncanny ability to introduce you to new music you’ll love. All of which makes it a deeply impressive proposition indeed.