Ms. Chand had found her soulmate, and added: “I believe everyone should have the freedom to be with whoever they decide they want to be with.”

However, while many celebrated her coming out, some people in her village and members of her family reacted negatively. “What she is doing is immoral and unethical. She has destroyed the reputation of our village,” her father said. “We have only seen such things in movies. We don’t behave like this here,” a 21-year-old in the village said. ”She was one of our own, but she let us down.” The president of the village’s weavers co-operative society said: “We were proud that a weaver’s daughter from here won medals. But all of us were shocked to know about her relationship.”

Ms. Chand’s supporters fear for her safety amid harsh attacks against the country’s LGBT+ population.

Payoshni Mitra, an athletes rights advocate who has worked with Ms Chand said: “With the return of the right-wing Bharatiya Janata party to power, a series of attacks on minorities, including sexual minorities, are being reported."

“However, while it could be dangerous to be openly gay, one cannot live in fear of the consequences – and Dutee’s coming out gives us that message.”

Ms. Dutee herself said she felt “at peace” after coming out.

The clarity and courage with which Dutee spoke has the potential to change our attitude and bring in more acceptances. One of the things she said has stayed with me — “everybody should have the freedom to love.” Why is that so difficult for people to understand?

China will closely monitor risks in some financial products brought on by turbulence in global commodity markets, the state council’s financial stability committee said after a meeting chaired by Vice Premier Liu He, according to the Chinese government’s website.

The state-controlled Bank of China (BoC) is facing investor anger over heavy losses last month on an oil-related investment product after an unprecedented crash in energy markets.

 The committee called for increased awareness and management of risk, the prevention of spill-over effects, the respect of contracts, clarity of responsibility and protection of investors’ rights, according to the statement.

China to monitor risks caused by global commodities turbulence.