Now, upon tapping to view an item from a brand’s post, users will be able to view the Checkout from Instagram button on the product page. They will then be given options to select the desired size, color and other filters, and ultimately proceed to payment with their contact, billing and shipping information.

Shoppers will be able to pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal, Instagram said. As the feature expands, businesses will be able to integrate the purchasing directly or work with partners such as Shopify Inc.

Instagram is rolling out a closed beta version for businesses and consumers, with a limited roster of 20 brands including major sportswear names including Adidas and Nike, luxury houses like Burberry and Prada, as well as fast-fashion businesses such as H&M and Zara. According to social media management firm Hootsuite, the social network has more than a billion monthly users, with 60 percent — or more than 600 million people — actively seeking out and discovering new products on the site.

The in-app feature also pits Instagram against big e-commerce players Amazon and Walmart as it seeks to build a more personalized experience for online shoppers. Through the information it gathers from users, the company may be able to tailor sponsored content and advertisements as seen on their feeds.

Instagram thinks shopping will be a significant business because it already has a feature for people to see what products are in a photo and to save and share items. It’s used by 130 million people each month.​

Instagram is the most preferred and trending social media platforms and India is the second largest social media user. As the platform is visually active and people use it for uploading pictures, advertising, blogging or following brands and influencers. Instagram helps making connect between brands and people.

Advertisers saw this as a chance to showcase products and made carousel ads to show multiple products. By providing links on Instagram, it would lead them directly on the landing page. With a vision to build e-commerce on this platform, they plan to introduce a checkout button.

The social networking service has debuted a new checkout tool, allowing users to shop some of their favorite brands directly from Instagram itself. It comes as the company makes a bigger push into e-commerce and as fashion and luxury businesses continue to amplify their presence on the Facebook-owned platform, which has long attracted trend-conscious consumers. Prior to the new mechanism, customers who chose to purchase a product on the app were redirected to the brand’s website through the Instagram Shopping initiative launched in February 2018.

Check-out tool on Instagram to avoid sign-out.