Sleep Like a baby with Bose Sleeping Buds

Sleep is important but we often find it difficult to move into sleepville. Be it the noisy neighbours or the sound of cars honking at night or your partner snoring right next to you, with endless factors distracting us all the time, a good night's sleep is a rarity. Bose with its Sleepbuds aims to fix this problem.

Bose is known for making headphones that stream music and make your favourite songs sound sweet. Sleepbuds is not that kind of headphone. As the name suggests, this product is not about playing the popular songs. They are about helping users sleep. The Sleepbuds are wireless in-ear earpieces that are designed to help you sleep better. They work by drowning the outside noise with a relaxing and soothing music while you sleep. The Bose Sleepbuds have been designed to offer unparalleled comfort even during the most critical hours of the day.

On the bottom of the earpieces are earbuds that can be easily adjusted as per the individual requirements, with slew of earbuds that Bose ships inside the box. And on the top there are tiny winglets that fit inside ears to ensure that the Sleepbuds do not fall out as you twist and turn at night.

Sleepbuds are softer than cotton balls and provide comfort, making them noticeable only when they are actively masking the outside noise. They hold a decent memory, which can be used for storing the pre-defined tracks that can be controlled using the Bose Sleep app.

They are safely organized inside a round box that not only holds them during the hours when you are not using them but it also recharges their battery. The metallic charger, which comes in a silver colour, looks exotic and it slides back to reveal that they are placed safely inside. It has five LEDs on top which indicate the battery level of the box. The metallic case, and by extension the Sleepbuds, can be charged using a charger that plugs inside the micro-USB port that is placed on the back of the box.

Most of these gadgets, like smartphones, constantly emit radiation in the form of wireless signals. However, Sleepbuds don't require you to keep your smartphone in the vicinity for them to continuously transmit music during the night time. Instead, they store the noise masking and relaxing tracks in the memory provided inside the earpieces.

Just like everyone prevents outside noise from disturbing your sleep, they also prevent your alarm, or in my case alarms, from disturbing the sleep of people sleeping next to you. You can set multiple alarms, like the regular alarm, using the Bose Sleep that will be audible to just you, leaving people around you unaffected by your schedule. They are also particularly beneficial for light sleepers or those who suffer from insomnia and find it difficult to sleep at night. 

Bose a Revolution

Bose began the company with a scientific approach and the brand has scaled heights since its inception. We believe they are already providing revolutionary products and transforming the society for their betterment.​

What should you know about Bose Headphones?

Bose headphones are like any others in the sense that they use a set of drivers and fit on, around, or in the ear. But there are a few features that Bose headphones offer that makes certain information more pertinent than with other brand lines. For one, Bose headphones are one of few lines that offer Google Assistant integration.

While commuting, noise cancelling headphones are a great choice for people’s auditory health. Bose headphones use active noise cancelling which uses basic physics to get rid of unwanted noise. It is due to destructive interference.

In case you’re not listening to your music in a car, you’re probably listening in crowded buses, gyms, loud city streets, or rumbling trains with your Bose headphones on. In these less than ideal situations you’re surrounded by loud sounds. And when there are two sounds of a similar frequency, your brain will ignore the lower one and just focus on the one that’s louder. This is called auditory masking.

Research, innovation and invention are the essence of their company. Exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries has lead results. Innovation must be driven across the company into every aspect of work. They believe in fostering an environment that encourages individuals to stretch their imaginations and abilities and gives them the freedom to pursue their ideas.

Their passion and enthusiasm enables them to achieve the high standards of performance and innovations. They strongly believe that people who are focused, internally motivated and energised by what they do spread their enthusiasm to others. Mutual respect and trust form the foundation for effective working relationships. They recognise that cooperation is vital to for success.

Better sound is just the beginning and they envision to begin a revolution with their innovative products which would benefit customers. Psychoacoustics is the study of how sound is perceived. It’s at the very foundation of how Bose creates its audio products and, in fact, goes all the way back to the inception of the company. From the first noise cancelling headphones for consumers to a revolutionary seat suspension system for long haul drivers Bose has it all.​

Bose – Better Sound through Research.

The best known for their audio products, their primary vision is not about making quick money. They believe in innovation and amalgamating the trends and innovation with culture. They work hard for growth to reach out and benefit more customers. They apply the highest level of scientific enquiry and invention to the discovery of new concepts and the development of new products. They look forward to create enlightening, unique and delightful experiences for their customers. They conduct business with integrity.

They promise to demonstrate the highest standard of business ethics in dealings with customers and suppliers. They wish to gain the support and trust of others and build their reputation through individual integrity and respect. Bose® employees are expected to be open and honest in all business matters and to act consistently with the values. They commit to pursue excellence in everything they do. They wish to exemplify expect their products, people, practices and leadership.

Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose made an Alexa-powered wireless speaker with a LCD screen of 2.3 inches X 1.3 inches and a promise “to fill any room with an astonishing stereo performance". Bose Home Speaker is the best sounding Echo alternative.

One of the most noticeable things about the new Bose speaker is the size. It’s eight inches tall and nearly seven inches wide, and the device asserts itself with its oval shape, which doesn’t fit neatly into a corner or blend in with a wall. With its sleek aluminium body, the speaker is attractive and an LCD screen on the front. The screen exhibits album art and display the time when the speaker is in standby mode. The speaker has two drivers that shoot music out the sides of the speaker with the goal of bouncing sound off the wall. However, the speaker also features controls—including six preset buttons. There are 13 buttons on this gadget, all of which are touch sensitive . You can program them to play a Spotify playlist with one touch.