­­­­Lack of Infrastructure: Can Mumbai ever become Shanghai?

Though Mumbai is the Numero Uno city of India and the financial capital of the Nation it lags behind many top cities of the world in infrastructure and basic amenities. Herculean efforts will be required to put Mumbai at par with New York and Shanghai. It is a world recognized commercial and industrial hub but the deadly menance of traffic congestion and growing vehicular population. The Government efforts to improve the railways as parallel to the road network have been meticulous and financially organized with help from the World Bank, they have proved to be a drop in the ocean looking at the vast expanse of the city and the enormous population.

Work has been done on the Mumbai Metro line3, Mumbai trans harbor link, Navi Mumbai Airport, Mumbai Coastal Road, etc. The public travel is entirely cumbersome and hectic for the ordinary passenger and maligns the image of the city if visualized on a global platform.

The enormous dumping of the garbage and waste needs efficative and environment friendly ways to reuse and recycle it and utility services should be upgraded. The drinking water facilities need to be upgraded to meet out the International standards. Usually the drinking water is supplied using the conservation and storage of rain water. It is listed as the World’s top 10 centers of commerce in terms of global financial flow. Mumbai is contributing significantly to the Country’s economy.

Another challenge that lies before the city is the problem of waterlogging which is faced by the city during the monsoons. Heavy rains leash the city due to its geographical location and proximity to the sea. It has witnessed floods in 2007. The possibility of terrorist attacks is another threat to the integrity and security of the city, nobody can ever forget the Taj attack in the year 2008. Disaster management is another area that needs to be worked upon.

Without the expansion of basic infrastructure facilities, better and convenient public transport, even and elevated roads, strong network of suburban railways, zero waterlogging, disaster management operations and the revamp of its world famous slums Mumbai cannot crown its glory.