1. What made you choose the path of Carnatic music?

Carnatic music has been a big part of my family. Coming from a South Indian musical family, everyone in my family is trained in it, so it was only natural for my parents to make me join classes for Carnatic classical.

​2. With a diverse career full of superhits, did you have to take any additional training?

My training for film music was more on the job and by listening to great artists like Lata ji and Asha ji. I trained for a brief while in light classical music but I learnt the most on the job and with every recording experience.

7. How was your experience working on your new release?

Making music or collaborating with artists to make songs is the Most gratifying feeling ever. To see it take form from a basic melody to adding lyrics to instrumentation , mixing and mastering to shooting the video, that’s the beauty of doing independent music . I’ve had the most amazing time collaborating with Goldie Sohel, Manoj Yadav and TM Music on this song.

8. Can you tell us more about Nafarmani?

Nafarmani means disobedience. The song talks about how the heart doesn’t listen to anyone, acts as per its own will, becomes stubborn and a slave to the one it loves. It’s such a commonly faced emotion by everyone who's ever been in love. I think everyone connects to this song only because it’s so relatable as an emotion.

Anusha Mani with Herald Global on her Musical Journey

3. What are the challenges you faced as an artist in this competitive industry?

Since my family had no connections in the industry, I had to figure every step myself. My father enabled and empowered me to find my own path. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but I am very proud to have done it all by myself.

4. What has been your motivation throughout the lockdown?

I have learnt that discipline is my motivation. Being disciplined about certain aspects of my life like singing, writing, exercising etc. keeps me going. I have also become very careful about the company I keep. I try to spend my time with people who uplift and encourage me.

5. How is the feeling crashing the internet with your Carmonies?

Haha! I didn’t expect people to like it this much. It's something Sangeet (husband) and I really enjoy doing. He’s a champ at harmonising melodies and I learn a lot from him. Am just very grateful to see people enjoying it. It’s been a big part of keeping ourselves busy during the lockdown.
6. What is required to connect with your audience as an artist through songs

I think uniqueness is something that is key. Having your own style, energy and musicality is what I think is key to connecting with the audience.