What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI are machines that are created to work and react like humans. They are designed for various activities like speech recognition, face detection, problem-solving, learning, planning and a lot more.

Whilst developing AI to indulge in more activities research suggested that the game of Pictionary will significantly help it to understand human nature and how the human mind works. AI has trounced humans at games like chess, Go and StarCraft. Researchers believe the simple game of Pictionary can push the intelligence of the machines beyond limits.

Pictionary is a game which involves trying to draw an image for guessing a word or phrase by your teammates. This tests a person’s drawing skills and also the ability of conveying a complex concept into simple words. Given the example of “dew drops”, the person can draw a sunrise with plants at window.

With a lot of sophisticated reasoning it teaches common sense. Allen’s Institute for AI has developed a game which pairs the machine with humans. When the artist sketches the phrase the AI tries to make combinations of phrases and words from its data base on seeing the image. After playing overtime researchers believe the machine will understand human common sense and it will help explore ways for humans and machines to communicate and collaborate effectively.

With1200 icons, 75,000 possible phrases and a vocabulary of 20,000 words the game plan is to bring out people’s competitive spirit and accelerate the AI’s learning. This initiative will provide solutions to the useful chatbots and voice assistants.

AI to play Pictionary to understand human nature.