A Month Long Heritage Walk Festival in India.

India Heritage Walk Festival (IHWF) is back with its second edition in 2019, which began on February 2. It is a month-long celebration of India’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Headed by Sahapedia in partnership with UNESCO, the event celebrates the act of walking while learning about Indian heritage and culture. The IHWF 2019 has about 110 events planned all across India. The calendar is marked with guided walks, discussions, workshops and insta-meets. The festival celebrates the diversity of India, such as nature, art, culture, heritage, food, heritage, architecture, and more in over 35 cities.

IHWF in association with Sahapedia and UNESCO aims to make heritage and culture spaces interesting and inclusive. The walks will cover historic monuments, markets, museums, interesting landscapes, rich cuisine, women-oriented narratives and more. Each programme is curated thematically to encourage and increase different forms of engagement, making heritage spaces accessible to various audience groups. Apart from history lovers and culture enthusiasts, the festival also put efforts towards groups who aren’t equipped to learn about heritage spaces easily. The second edition of IHWF will include children, the differently-abled, and people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Specially-crafted walks have been arranged for festival. The visually-impaired students can enjoy heritage walks around Bhubaneswar’s Mukteswara Temple and Mumbai’s ancient Gilbert Hill. Also, a walk through Kolkata Nehru Children’s Museum is available for underprivileged children.

Among the numerous heritage walks, Delhi has a new attraction. The heritage walk plans to introduce culture and heritage lovers to Sanjhi- a paper-cutting art by stencil which has origins in Vrindavan. In Mumbai, exploring the by lanes of Bandra. The authentic taste of age-old delight would await on Banarasi food trail in the holy city of Varanasi. The mesmerizing colors, designs and glamour can be experienced while learning about textile trail through the block printing neighbourhoods of Jaipur. The forgotten chapters of the bygone can be revisited at the Western Gate of Itafort in Itanagar. The ‘City of Gardens’, Bangalore compels to put on shoes for a stroll through the various green parks and also heritage trails.​