4. Who do you admire the most?
- I admire both my parents. I grew up seeing my parents being loving towards people despite their different backgrounds, and they adopted my two handsome brothers without any hesitation. They have truly proved to me that love has no boundaries.

5. What is your strongest personal quality?
- I’m very caring towards the people around me. I do my very best to help those in need and try to independent ease someone else’s burden. 

6. Who inspired you to push through rough patches?
- My parents. I grew up seeing my parents pushing through hard times and at the same time making sure that my siblings and I live comfortably.  They taught me that there are days that will rain, and there are also days that will shine. However, even through tough times, we shouldn’t neglect our loved ones but instead keep them closer and make them our motivation to push through difficult times. 

7. What does a perfect day look like?
- A perfect day to me would be a day of me spending quality time and running fun activities with the people I love or the people who needs love and support.  

8. Would you like to share your thoughts with your followers?
- I’d like to encourage my followers to continue contributing the community to build a society that brings each other up. It doesn’t take much to do good, and it all starts with you being good to yourself and your own circle, and being good example. 

9. How would you like to contribute to unite Asia?
- I’d like to contribute by volunteering more. Not just in Malaysia but also in other parts of Asia. I just hope that through my actions I’m able to inspire other people to do the same so that more people can unite and serve those who are in need together. That way the people of Asia will be more united and will also be a huge community that stands for each other.

Ms. Larissa Ping Liew, Miss World Malaysia 2018-2019.

1. Do you describe yourself as a natural leader?
- I believe so, because I grew up following the footsteps of both of my parents who embody great leadership qualities.

2. What do you feel most proud about?
- I’m proud of the fact that I never gave up in everything that I do despite facing difficult challenges in life.

3. Which is one of your most defining moments in life?
- one of my most defining moments in life would be the decision to join Miss World Malaysia at the age of 19. Joining and trying to win the Miss World Malaysia at that age sounded so impossible for me and I knew that it will be very challenging for me because I had no experience in beauty pageants. However I took the courage to join such a prestigious competition, and to give myself an opportunity to experience something new and to learn more about myself.